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jesus take me now


jesus take me now

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Scanned this before but it was really tiny in the magazine. Now they have a semi-bigger version so here you go! \o/ This is the image for the puzzle that was just released.

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"If we fail, both you and i will die together. "- Kuchiki Rukia

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{ She dreams of love
He lives to run

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Tales of Kizna Present Campaign Wallpapers

Recently, Tales of Kizna released some LE card art as mobile phone wallpapers as a thank you to its players. The above wallpapers are available in the following sizes:

  • 1280x1440 (For Android)
  • 640x960 (For iPhone 4)
  • 640x1156 (For iPhone 5)
  • 1536x2048 (For iPad)

I have saved all wallpapers and its corresponding sizes in this zip file. If you wish to just download a particular wallpaper and/or size, you may download them over here individually:

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Harvest Moon cows throughout the years

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